My minds been out of the box for awhile now, but what I didn't realize is how beautiful it was outside of it. This is some good ass tea Hatter where'd you get it??? Enough with the writer nonsense James! So as you can tell my name is James and I like to talk about myself in 3rd person from time to time, but mostly online. I am a writer and artist of a few trades and hopefully many more. I am inspired by many people, but hope that those inspirations are nothing but inspirations and nothing becomes a sort of plagiarism. A few who inspire me are Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), Stan Lee, and this one guy Matt, who I know from a youth leader named Kristin, Matt is also one of many trades and one of the inventors of the hoodie pillow. Anyway, I hope that I will meet him and many of my other inspriters along my journey to become an author. PLEASE ENJOY MY PAGE!





1+1 = Ed

The episode where they all became self aware

aka the episode when they were all on acid




Girls, wearing dresses made of cheese, posing in front of cars.


beauty comes in all shapes and sizes


when u sneeze in front of your pet and they look like you’ve just offended their great ancestors


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#AntMan’s helmet, and designs on the #MarvelSDCC stage. #film #Marvel #comics


#AntMan’s helmet, and designs on the #MarvelSDCC stage. #film #Marvel #comics